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Test the filter proxy

You can test our filter proxy from every computer with real internet connection (some companies restrict internet access, so perhaps you can't use our filter). It's easy: simply change the proxy settings of your web browser to:

Port: 7007

Don't forget to set the port to 7007!
With Internet Explorer under Windows you can change your proxy with the following steps: Select Tools from the menu, then Internet Options .... There, select the Connections tab. Select your current network connection in the list (usually there is only one), then click on settings. There select the checkbox Use a proxy server and click on Advanced ... The checkbox Use the Same proxy server for all protocols should not be selected! Enter the proxy settings mentioned above (don't forget the port!) and press OK. Press OK for every remainung dialog.

For all other browsers look at the preferences, it's easyer as with MSIE; Proxy settings normally are in the advanced subdialog.

Ask your system administrator, if you have problems or don't understand this guide.


So, now you can test our filter with some websites. Read any website you want or some of the following examples:


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